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(xxx) xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx

  • I FINALLY talked to someone this morning after several calls..they were trying to sell security systems. PCA Security is name

  • Called claiming they were holding a friend captive for money.

  • i picked up and no one answered me but all i could hear was a news report on a murder. which is actually really creepy.

  • Keep calling asking for someone named Angie- have told them repeatedly that no one named Angie lives here.

  • I received a phone call from this number and it was a lady trying to sell sex. I was very offended and hung up on her. She called back twice after that and I did not answer it.

  • I have gotten so many prank calls from this number. Just thought I'd report it. Ignore this number.

  • Rings phone twice then hangs up. Morons expect you to call back and they put you on hold while they charge you $5.00 a minute.

  • Curious about who's calling

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  • this number is spamming my phone but i dont know what it is about